My Garden is a Square – A Let’s visit Numberland Picture Book

Numberland Picture Book (expected November 2022 through TBR Books)


Update 6 Oct. 2022  NOW OUT!!  e.g.     TBR-BOOKS

An excellent starting point of any Numberland co-adventure, but also a stand-alone resource for teachers and parents:

This book communicates the essence of Let’s visit Numberland: The children meet the numbers as lovable persons and neighbours who have a home that is packed with maths. Essential knowledge about numbers and shapes are translated into the world of children. Cardinality, perceptual and conceptual subitising, partitioning, invariance, ordinality, even relating to general knowledge. Trickster and Numberilly make the point that mistakes are normal.

This rhyming children’s picture book enables young readers to see the patterns and structures in numbers and shapes through the magical world of Numberland; a land where numbers come to life and have their own houses and gardens! The story and pictures inspire us to find mathematics in the world around us: Number Four has 4 braids in her hair and 4 flowers in her square garden… What else can you find?

Including helpful hints when reading the book to spark best possible joy and learning.

Written by Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen, TBR Books, 12.99 USD


6 Oct. 2022 –>>  NOW OUT!!  e.g.     TBR-BOOKS

Will also be made available through other distribution channels.


Testimonials from some early birds:

Enchanting, entertaining, and engaging! MY GARDEN IS A SQUARE is a “math-for-all” delightful tale of “Numberland’s” fundamental and essential entities. The numbers come alive via this visually-appealing story’s multiple representations. The book also poses good questions that organically provoke mathematical thought in children. A must-have early years book!  (Jaspreet Sethi – Founder Math with a Smile, India)

An easy way to introduce children to the world of numbers and patterns. Bright and easy to follow, I’d highly recommend this book to help young children to start noticing numbers around them and to engage in all the patterns that can be seen  (Debbie Kemish – Retired Director of International School in Australia and teacher of English language)


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